Goldenes Austria Ticket für DIE MIGRANTIGEN

Die Komödie DIE MIGRANTIGEN, die im Rahmen von DIVERSE GESCHICHTEN entwickelt wurde, konnte über 75.000 Kinobesucher*innen in die österreichischen Kinos locken. Dafür erhielt sie das Austrian Ticket durch den Verband der österreichischen Kinos verliehen. Wir freuen uns für und mit Arman T. Riahi, Aleksandar Petrović und Faris Endris Rahoma!

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Kathrin Resetarits awarded the Thomas Pluch Screenplay Prize for her MADEMOISELLE PARADIS script!

During the course of the Diagonale 2018 Kathrin Resetarits received the main award  "Best Feature Film Screenplay" of Thomas Pluch Screenplay Prize for her screenplay for MADEMOISELLE PARADIS. The prize, worth €12,000, is funded by the The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria. We congratulate Kathrin Resetarits and the other [...]

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Diagonale Prize for Editing awarded to Niki Mossböck for MADEMOISELLE PARADIS

We would also like to convey our congratulations to Niki Mossböck, who was awarded the Diagonale prize for Best Feature Film Editing for her work on MADEMOISELLE PARADIS and LIFE GUIDANCE. The prize, worth €3,000, is funded by the VdFS. The Jury Statement: “A historical film set in 18th-century Vienna on the one hand, [...]

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German Audio Film Prize for MADEMOISELLE PARADIS

We would also like to congratulate the film MADEMOISELLE PARADIS, recipient of the 2018 German Audio Film Prize from the German Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (DBSV) in the Cinema category, for the outstanding audio descriptions provided by Hörfilm gGmbh. For the last 16 years this prize has honoured outstanding audio films: [...]

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ROMY Awards 2018

We congratulate the DIVERSE STORIES project THE MIGRUMPIES on its Romy Nominations in the categories "Best Cinema Film" and "Best Screenplay for a Cinema Film" (Aleksandar Petrovic, Faris E. Rahoma, Arman T. Riahi). We are very much looking forward to the awards ceremony!

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MADEMOISELLE PARADIS wins in five categories at the Austrian Film Awards!

We congratulate the entire team of MADEMOISELLE PARADIS for the 14 nominations it received at the Austrian Film Awards in the following five categories: Best Supporting Actress: Maresi Riegner Best Camera: Christine A. Maier Best Costume Design: Veronika Albert Best Make-Up: Helene Lang Best Production Design: Katharina Wöppermann

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MADEMOISELLE PARADIS and THE MIGRUMPIES – Nominations for Austrian Film Award

Last week the current Nominations for the Austrian Film Award were announced: MADEMOISELLE PARADIS received a record-breaking 14 nominations, and THE MIGRUMPIES was also nominated in four categories! We would like to express our gratitude to the members of the Academy and to congratulate all nominees! MADEMOISELLE PARADIS (Director: Barbara Albert, screenplay: Kathrin Resetarits), [...]

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