Berlinale 2019 | Panel “Zukunft Deutscher Kinofilm”

WITCRAFT CEO Ursula Wolschlager wird nächsten Mittwoch in Berlin als Diskussionsteilnehmerin am Panel „Zukunft Deutscher Kinofilm“ vertreten sein. Ausgerichtet wird diese Veranstaltung von Pro Quote Film, dem Bundesverband Regie und der Initiative Frankfurter Positionen. "Das System Kino steckt fest: Immer mehr Filme in den Sälen, immer weniger Aufmerksamkeit für den einzelnen Titel. Dahinter eine [...]

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Audience Award for CAVIAR (KAVIAR) at Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis

Yeah! We are exited to announce that CAVIAR (Dir: ELENA TIKHONOVA, Script: ROBERT BUCHSCHWENTER & ELENA TIKHONOVA) could delight the audience at the 40th Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis so much, that they presented us with the Audience Award. We want to thank the audience and the wonderful team at the Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis! This means [...]

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CAVIAR (Kaviar) Screenings Filmfestival Max Ophüls

Dear Subscribers! We are on our way to Saarbrücken, where KAVIAR / CAVIAR (Dir: Elena Tikhonova, Script: Robert Buchschwenter & Elena Tikhonova) isn't only going to celebrate it's premiere, but also will be screened a total of six times at the Max Ophüls festival: Thursday, 17.01.2019: 19:00 CS4 – Premiere Friday, 18.01.2019: 11:00 CS1 and 17:00 CS5 [...]

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CAVIAR (Kaviar) at the Max Ophüls Film Festival

Привет! Dear Subscribers and Friends! We are very pleased to announce that our culture-clash comedy CAVIAR directed by Elena Tikhonova and written by Robert Buchschwenter and the director, will have it’s premiere at the 40th edition of the Max Ophüls Film Festival. “Due to its excellent tempo, the wonderful performance of the ensemble cast, [...]

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Kathrin Resetarits awarded the Thomas Pluch Screenplay Prize for her MADEMOISELLE PARADIS script!

During the course of the Diagonale 2018 Kathrin Resetarits received the main award  "Best Feature Film Screenplay" of Thomas Pluch Screenplay Prize for her screenplay for MADEMOISELLE PARADIS. The prize, worth €12,000, is funded by the The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria. We congratulate Kathrin Resetarits and the other [...]

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Diagonale Prize for Editing awarded to Niki Mossböck for MADEMOISELLE PARADIS

We would also like to convey our congratulations to Niki Mossböck, who was awarded the Diagonale prize for Best Feature Film Editing for her work on MADEMOISELLE PARADIS and LIFE GUIDANCE. The prize, worth €3,000, is funded by the VdFS. The Jury Statement: “A historical film set in 18th-century Vienna on the one hand, [...]

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MADEMOISELLE PARADIS wins in five categories at the Austrian Film Awards!

We congratulate the entire team of MADEMOISELLE PARADIS for the 14 nominations it received at the Austrian Film Awards in the following five categories: Best Supporting Actress: Maresi Riegner Best Camera: Christine A. Maier Best Costume Design: Veronika Albert Best Make-Up: Helene Lang Best Production Design: Katharina Wöppermann

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Anna F**king Molnar will be shown on Friday 9 March at 6:15pm at the WIFF – Women’s International Film & Arts Festival in New York! We are delighted by the invitation and would be very pleased to see everyone who happens to be in New York at the screening! The festival will also feature [...]

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