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Culture Clash Comedy | AT | 2017

Nadja knows the oligarch Igor inside out. As his interpreter she has seen more of him than both of them care to admit. But his latest project is a lot more public: a lavish villa, which he has decided to build right on top of a bridge in the heart of Vienna: If the Medici can do it, why not me? But Nadja, her best friend Vera and her nanny Teresa have a sabotage plan.

Written by Elena Tikhonova & Robert Buchschwenter

Directed by Elena Tikhonova

Produced by Witcraft Filmproduktion in coproduction with Novotny&Novotny Filmproduktion and MR Film

DOP: Dominik Spritzendorfer
Production Design: Hannes Salat, Julia Oberndorfinger
Editor: Alarich Lenz, Daniel Prochaska
Costume Design: Theresa Ebner-Lazek
Make-Up Design: Sam Dopona, Michaela Sommer, Jasmin Simak
Sound: Sergey Martynyuk
Casting: Rita Waszilovics
Production Manager: Gottlieb Pallendorf
Line Producer: Johanna Scherz
Producer: Ursula Wolschlager
Executive Producers: Franz Novotny, Alexander Glehr
Co-Producers: Kurt Mrkwicka, Andreas Kamm, Oliver Auspitz

Margarita Breitkreiz
Daria Nosik
Sabrina Reiter
Georg Friedrich
Simon Schwarz
Mikhail Evlanov


The Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund, ORF Film/Television-Agreement, Film Industry Support Austria , Land NĂ– Culture, MEDIA (EU), Diverse Geschichten, BABYLON