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The court is convinced by the evidence that JENNY (30), a professional free climber, took the law into her own hands and robbed a bank when her FATHER lost his house in a flood and the insurance company refused to pay, leaving him completely devastated by the loss of his home and livelihood. But Jenny completely denies it: she claims she has been framed because she dared challenge the insurance company, which will stop at nothing to discredit her. Nobody believes Jenny. After all, a lot of people behind bars persist in claiming their innocence. It isn’t long before she has exhausted all opportunities to appeal; now there‘s nothing at all she can do to get the verdict overturned.

Written by Jakob Pretterhofer
Directed by Mark Gerstorfer

DOP: Anselm Hartmann
Producer: Ursula Wolschlager
Cast: Maria Spanring, Maria Hofstätter, Michael Fuith

Development supported by Austrian Film Institute, Land Salzburg Culture