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Thriller | AT

In this dystopian scenario creatures known as kanuks are deployed as beasts of burden in the huge Erzberg iron ore mines in Austria. Apart from red abscesses on their skin and a curious shimmer in their eyes, they look like human beings – and they also behave that way. Gustav, a “genuine” person, is the new head of the Office for Accommodation and Security. Koller, the only kanuk who works as a supervisor in the mine, decides he has had enough of the constant humiliation. And Vroni, Koller’s foster daughter, is torn between the world of kanuks and the world of human beings.

Koller launches a rebellion: it’s time to get rid of the humans! Chaos ensues, and Gustav has to flee. Vroni takes him in, and now at last he has a sense of belonging…

Written by Jakob Pretterhofer
based on a novel by Heinrich von Kleist “Betrothal in Santo Domingo”

Director: tba
Producer: Ursula Wolschlager