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Project Description

RUDI KLEIN – a Voyage Around the Drawing Board

A film by Joerg Burger

Documentary | AT | 2012 | 27min

The cartoonist Rudi Klein is considered a living legend among comic visual artists within German-speaking lands. His inimitable signature can be seen clearly in magazines such as Falter and Profil, in newspapers like the Süddeutschen Zeitung and Zeit. And there can be little doubt that his Lochgott series has become a cult. “The problem is that even the things described as critical art are hauled into museums. And they lose their power there. Capitalism has discovered it doesn’t have to kill everybody – it can also buy up its opponents and destroy them that way,” is Rudi Klein’s sober analysis of the situation.

Joerg Burger’s film constitutes an extraordinary portrait of an original artist – with surprises, spontaneity and absurd situations.

Director and DoP: Joerg Burger

Produced by Witcraft Szenario OG, commissioned by ORF

After an idea by Robert Buchschwenter, Günter Mayer, Ursula Wolschlager.
Editing and additional camera: Othmar Schmiderer
Sound recordist: Samuel Irl
Production manager: Karin C. Berger
Commissioning editor: Beate Thalberg
Supervision: Franz Grabner
Producer: Ursula Wolschlager