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in development

Mystery Thriller | TV series (6×45) | AT

The mountain village of Rotten has profited off of snow and the resulting winter sports for many years. Now the snow refuses to come, and the village loses its focus. On the glacier a body emerges from the melting snow. Who is this woman in 1980s clothes who apparently died a violent death up in the mountains?

Lucia Salinger, the new doctor, has just moved to the village with her husband and children in an attempt to rescue their marriage. She has to examine the body and soon becomes drawn into the case against her will – especially when she realizes that her little daughter Alma has a mysterious affinity to Aurelia, an old woman from the village. When the girl suddenly vanishes Lucia resolves to get to the bottom of the mysteries that have been kept under lock and key in the village for decades.

Written by: Michaela Taschek

Directed by: Barbara Albert, Sandra Wollner

Producer: Ursula Wolschlager

Dramaturgy: Robert Buchschwenter

Development supported by IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige