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Project Description


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Compilation Film

Europe is experiencing a time of crisis rarely equalled in its history. Brexit has opened a Pandora’s box of notions concerning borders, identity, belonging, and exclusion. Scotland and Northern Ireland do not recognize themselves in the British decision and discuss leaving the UK in favour of staying in the EU! Meanwhile, Far-Right parties across the continent are gaining voices.
Yet, this is politics. What about real life?

Is there a European way of thinking? A European identity? What unites people and what keeps them apart? Is it more important to underline the differences between nations and/or people, or rather to look for shared values and aspirations? And what does “nation” mean in this globalized world?

This is Europe is a tentative attempt to reinvent Europe with docs or fictions from young and promising film directors from across the continent. Conceived as an omnibus film, we will collect short film stories in order to get a glimpse of their “Europe” and what it could be.

Conceived and curated by Nathalie Borgers and Ursula Wolschlager

Producer: Ursula Wolschlager