MADEMOISELLE PARADIS – Premiere in Toronto and San Sebastian

We are very excited to announce the world premiere of MADEMOISELLE PARADIS (director Barbara Albert, writer Kathrin Resetarits) at Toronto International Film Festival 2017 from September 7-17!

And only two weeks later will be the european premiere at San Sebastian International Film Festival.

The historical drama, developed by Witcraft and produced by NGF Geyrhalterfilm and LOOKS, tells the true story of the blind 18-year-old ‘Wunderkind’ pianist Maria Theresia Paradis who lost her eyesight overnight when she was three years old. After
countless failed medical experiments, her parents take her to the estate of controversial ‘miracle doctor’ Franz Anton Mesmer, where she joins a group of outlandish patients. She enjoys the liberal household in a Rococo world and tastes freedom for the first time, but begins to notice that as Mesmer’s treatment brings back her eyesight, she is losing her cherished musical virtuosity…

Mademoiselle Paradis

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