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– Development Executive, Writer, Script Consultant and Assistant of the Script Development Programme DIVERSE STORIES

Malina Nwabuonwor has been working for WITCRAFT since 2014 and continues to support the production company as Development Executive.

For the Script Development Programme DIVERSE STORIES she works as coordinator and script consultant.

After working in graphic design and project development for the Amsterdam based company Butterfly Works, Malina Nwabuonwor started her focus on cinema when entering the Filmakademie Vienna. She finished her studies of Screenwriting/Dramaturgy with a B.A. in the class of Götz Spielmann and Sandra Bohle.

Her interest in new perspectives on storytelling also led her to Mexico City, where she studied Screenwriting at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica.
Back in Vienna she now works as freelance writer and script consultant.
+43 664 1477549