Witcraft is an award-winning production company based in Vienna, founded in 2008 by Ursula Wolschlager and Robert Buchschwenter.

In its early years, Witcraft used its highly creative expertise in screenwriting mainly for developing projects that were then realized in co-operation with various production companies.

For its highly innovative yet feasible business concept, the company received a start-up grant from departure – Wirtschaft, Kunst und Kultur GmbH and slate development funding from MEDIA/Creative Europe.

Since 2016, Witcraft has operated in two structures:

witcraft filmproduktion gmbh

Witcraft Filmproduktion GmbH focuses on the development and production of feature films and documentaries, mainly art-house and comedy. The company’s first realised feature film as main producer is the culture-clash comedy CAVIAR (to be completed in Autumn 2017).

witcraft szenario og

Witcraft Szenario OG hosts and/or designs training initiatives, such as DIVERSE STORIES – Stories Between Cultures is currently being held for its 8th season or ProPro – The Producers Programme for Women, an initiative by the Austrian Film Institute to empower female film producers.

And why Witcraft?

wit [wit]

1. brainpower, whimsicality, 2. esprit, 3. humor, 4. mental agility


craft [krɑft]

1. workmanshift, craftmanship, 2. guile, cunning, 3. fashin, trade