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Project Description


– Roque Dalton, erschießen wir die Nacht! –

A film by Tina Leisch

Documentary | AT/EL SALVADOR/CUBA | 2013 | 86 min

ROQUE DALTON – LET’S SHOOT THE NIGHT explores the social impact of literature and poetry. The works of the Salvadorian poet Roque Dalton, which oscillate between Utopia and sensuality, revolutionary conviction and lust for heresy, serve as a magnifying glass that enables us to observe contemporary events and unique local conflicts with exceptional clarity.

As playfully as Roque Daltons poetry, the film depicts a journey through both the world and three decades by connecting interviews with Roque Dalton’s family, friends and comrades, and lovers and contemporaries with touching readings of his works by students and actors, famous friends, whores and prisoners, and the offspring of the underprivileged protagonists of his works.

Directed by Tina Leisch

Produced by Witcraft Szenario and Kinoki

Concept: Tina Leisch & Erich Hackl
DOP: Gerald Kerkletz
Editor: Karina Ressler
Sound: Klaus Kellermann/Evelio Gay Salinas/Marcos Menjivar
Animation: Nick Prokesch
Producers: Ursula Wolschlager, Tina Leisch

MiradasDoc 2013
Dok.Fest 2013
Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano
Mittelamerikanisches Filmfestival 2015
Derecho a ver Kolumbien
Cine Las Americas IFF
IFF Innsbruck


Award for Best Documentary, Cine Las Americas IFF

OJO COJO International Festival Best featurelenght documentary

5th cinemAvvernire Film Festival Special mention for editing


Innovative Film BMUKK, ORF Film/Television-Agreement, Cine Art Styria, Foro cultural de austria


DVD and book available at www.meerauge.at

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