Kathrin Resetarits awarded the Thomas Pluch Screenplay Prize for her MADEMOISELLE PARADIS script!

During the course of the Diagonale 2018 Kathrin Resetarits received the main award  “Best Feature Film Screenplay” of Thomas Pluch Screenplay Prize for her screenplay for MADEMOISELLE PARADIS. The prize, worth €12,000, is funded by the The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria. We congratulate Kathrin Resetarits and the other prize-winners!

The Jury Statement:
“From the very first sentence the precise depictions and powerful visual language carry us off to a world which we can feel, smell, hear and see. The characters are revealed to us by means of their language and physical presence rather than information about the psychological background. We found the screenplay convincing by virtue of its plausible, precise dialogue, its sensitivity and special wit, and also its cinematographic power and sensuality. We can feel the dirt in the kitchen, the itching caused by wigs on dry scalps and the burden of clothes several tons in weight. The writer employs a lightness of touch to transport us into a different century. We regard hers as an immense creative talent with great imaginative power, and we are looking forward to the next screenplay from this writer.“

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